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Simplex Strainers
Model OV...Sizes 3/4" to 12" (20mm to 300mm)

For many years, Airpel single or simplex strainers have proved a cost effective method of protecting pipeline equipment, cleaning liquids or salvaging valuable solids.  Our current Delta product line continues this tradition and incorporates a number of improved features and optional extras

The strainer body is of cast construction and is supplied with one high-quality stainless steel cylindrical basket.  The filter is for use in liquid handling installations where the flow can be shut off for short periods of time to allow the basket to be cleaned.

Main Features:

  • High quality 316 grade stainless steel basket with large filtration areas resulting in low pressure drops
  • Compact design for space savings
  • Working pressures up to 300 PSI
  • Quick release filter covers and knobs for easy basket removal
Download CAD DRAWINGS of Simplex Strainer Filters

Note: all drawings are one page PDF files that are around 100 kilobytes in size.